Boutiques over Brands

The hardest part about fashion is that everyone wants to stand out these days. Yet, we read magazines and look to public figures for guidelines on how to dress/shop/look/sleep/eat/bathe/groom/etc. But why? What do the big shots have that you and I don’t? Money by the wagon load? Yeah, but there is nothing special about money besides the fact that it will buy you a brand. But can you imagine what it would be like if we just woke up one day and said “I feel comfortable and pretty in this”, so we just…wore it? That is what I try to do. I, like everyone else, want to wear things that flatter me and accentuate me best features, but you can do that without buying big. I do it every single day!15043876_559937820869946_2352206794626957312_n

True story: the CEO of McDonald’s was asked if he would ever consider selling his empire, that is, McDonald’s. You know what his response was? His response was that he would more than willingly sell everything that was produced by McDonald’s (i.e. the recipes, fries, sauces, meat, etc.) but as a part of the deal, he got to keep the brand. Yes. He swore that he would make more money with those golden arches than the food itself…and he was right.

Think about it, when you’re driving down the road how many sets of golden arches do you see? When you’re at a sporting event, how many sponsorships do you see by McDonald’s? When you watch TV, how many times do you see mickey dee’s pop up? When you hear “I’m lovin’ it”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Need I go on?

I am telling you this because a lot of people think that brands that we see in magazines and on TV are gospel. Given the choice between a homemade burger and a burger from McDonald’s most would probably choose McDonald’s because we are so familiar with it. We consume everything that corporate America has to offer because we don’t know how to separate ourselves from everything we see trending among us.

The same thing goes for fashion. We pour our wallets out at places like Banana Republic, The Buckle, Forever 21, and Macy’s without even checking out our corner store boutique first. But honestly, I love shopping small ten times more than I enjoy shopping malls. Don’t get me wrong, I have clothing from said stores, but my perspective on shopping has changed. It is so much easier to stand out when you support small businesses. I promise you that your local boutique has more to offer than anything you see on TV. On top of that, you are feeding someone’s dream when you shop small. You’re helping someone put food on the table for their family and you get to look cute doing it.

Outfit pictured brought to you by Ranch Reflections in Springtown, Texas. @ranch_reflections

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