Life’s a garden

When I moved to Springtown, I didn’t realize that I was adopting chickens and a garden along with the house. I was indifferently surprised, but I kept an open mind. I was kind of put off by the thought of more responsibility, yet here I am now with eight chickens and a green thumb.

When I got there, the only things growing in the garden were small tomatoes and jalapenos. Which was actually great because I won 1st place in the Lawton Farmer’s Market Salsa Contest in 2015, fun fact! At first I was so confused as to how to care for these plants. I moved in in September and the plants were dying, but I could see the lil’ baby maters trying so hard to grow, they were just thirsty.

I just watered them every day for about two weeks before I started to notice that this plant had not only come back to life, it was taking over my little jalapeno tree. Now, here I am in the wake of December and my tomatoes are still growing. I knew Texas weather was good for something!mater

I have never been much for gardening, but I love that it gives me something to do with my hands in my free time. It relaxes me and calms me down. I haven’t mastered the art of turning soil perfectly or using pesticides, but I love bringing in fresh batches of tomatoes every week. It doesn’t hurt not having to buy them anymore either!

There something so cool about knowing that if you take care of nature, she will return the favor in full.

The jalapenos, I’ve found out the hard way, only get spicier the longer you leave them on the tree. I left a bunch on the tree for a while, hoping they’d get bigger. When I finally gave up and plucked them, I decided to pickle them and give them to my mom as a small present. My mom and dad had nachos that night with “Corsi Jalapenos”. Dad called me the next day, in a world of hurt. Said he felt the heat of the jalapenos in more ways than one, if ya know what I’m sayin’. I found that to be mildly funny, pun intended.

Sadly, we finally got our first frost here in Texas, last night. Once I harvest what’s left of the veggies, get my plants uprooted, and tend to the soil to the best of my ability, I am going to slightly expand my little gardening operation. When I say slightly I mean I am planting cucumbers, okra, big tomatoes, small tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, jalapenos, bell peppers, and onions in the Spring. I’m all about those fresh veggies and saving a buck at my local Brookshire’s.

I am currently struggling trying to find taco seeds, but will keep ya’ll updated.

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