Oh the places you’ll go

There’s this absurd, and unfortunately insanely common, misconception drifting among us faster than a prairie fire spreads over the open plains of Oklahoma, and that is that we have to do things that we do not want to do in order to “make a living”. I’m writing this blog to debunk the hell out of this raging lie. But first, allow me to explain why this needs to be said:

There are people in this world who have money, and lots of it, and people who do not. The lie is that those who do not have money are the ones who have to wake up at 6am everyday, commute an hour to a job they hate, work for a boss that is hardly tolerable, eat crappy lunches, drive home at 5, and do it all over again the next day, all for someone who does have money, thus, has more power.

I’m calling B.S.ok

No, you do not have to do anything you do not want to do. There are ways to be happy doing something you actually enjoy. After years in customer service and getting chewed out for situations completely out of my control, I said, “enough”. The worst part about it is I found that the people who always seemed to be unhappy with everything are the rich ones from generation X (you know, the people who blame millennials for everything that has gone wrong since 1991). What I can’t wrap my head around is how anyone can be so unhappy to a point to where you have to take out your anger on another human in order to feel better.

Grown adults who insist on acting like children are the reason my generation didn’t have a fighting chance.

Some people were meant to deal with the unhappy people. I have several close friends who can diffuse a heated situation faster than I can eat a taco. I am just not one of those people. I lose respect for people who have none for others to begin with.

So yeah, you may get paid $20 and hour + over time, and to some people that is well worth being everyone’s punching bag, but it is simply not enough for me. I would rather be poor and do whatever it is I love than sit at a desk, day in and day out, answering calls from angry, impatient butt-heads.

If you are the same as I, let’s figure out how you can get happy without being a slave to currency.

Step 1: Think of whatever it is that you love most– animals, music, web design, reading, writing, camping, hiking, sports, teaching, etc.

Step 2: Explore your options. Where is your nearest animals shelter? YMCA? Music classes? Are there any national parks looking for hiking guides? Any teaching assistance needed? Look it up!

Step 3: Get over yourself. That sounds harsh, huh? It’s not meant to sound cruel. When I say “get over yourself”, what I really mean is take control. Don’t be afraid to move or go places that are wildly unfamiliar to you. Don’t be afraid to tell you parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or friends that you need to do something for you. It is okay to be selfish.

Step 4: Do it. Do the dang thing.

You may not think that making a living while being happy is as simple as 1, 2, 3, and 4, but it is. Yes, there will be a process involved and it may require some work, but it is not out of your reach.

You were meant to do more with your time on earth than to wake up, drive, work, drive, and sleep. You have a talent, you have a gift, you have needs and desires just like everyone else. The best part is that if you choose to be happy, you’ll meet like-minded individuals and make some pretty cool friends along the way. When you surround yourself with negative people or things, your negative attitude will show and it will push people away, which will only further depress you. And let’s be real, it’s hard to be happy and upbeat when you’re legitimately unsatisfied with your current situation. You can’t be expected to do your best or be your best when you don’t even feel your best. So when you surround yourself with positivity, positivity will bounce off of you. Others will see it, feel it, want it, love it. You could inspire someone to get out of their own funk and follow your lead.

Maybe you won’t make a million dollars making yourself happy, but hey, maybe you will! You can’t put a price on genuine happiness.

Generic happiness is so common these days. It can be bought and sold just about anywhere you go.

But you’re the real deal. You’re a Bisbee turquoise stone. You are not howlite painted blue. Now, go flaunt it.



2 thoughts on “Oh the places you’ll go”

  1. This hit home for me!! I am in that job where I go to work and go home and do it all over again, all while day dreaming of where I would rather be and what I’d rather be doing! I am hoping to soon branch out of my comfort zone and try new things so I can say that I am truly happy with my life. Thank you for starting this blog! It is exactly what I needed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Taylor,
      I think we have all been in that spot at one point or another. We get so caught up in making a living that we totally forget to make ourselves happy. I know it is difficult because doing what we want to do often is scary and can sometimes cost money (those bills ain’t going nowhere), but it’s good to save a little of each paycheck. As much of it as you can, actually. That way, if something happens in the future and you decide that you need to take off to Fiji on a whim, you can totally do it! Your future self will thank you. I’m glad this hit home for you. I hope you’ll find solace in more of my posts and posts to come. Thanks for the comment, love.



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