Wear your confidence

If there is one thing that we girls are all guilty of, it is comparing ourselves to others; mostly comparing ourselves to strangers on Instagram or Tumblr, people we have never seen or met in person. I am the world’s worst. I’ll say it. Seeing other girls’ outfits or the way they wear their hair and make-up make me question the way I do my own thing sometimes.

I constantly have to check myself and snap out of this ridiculous notion that someone else’s looks and style is a depiction of what my own looks and style lack. One of the things that always brings me back down to earth is the fact that everyone  always wants whatever it is they can’t, or don’t, have. Even the most beautiful person you have ever seen in your life wishes they had something different. It’s not always linked to insecurity, but think about this: whatever you don’t like about yourself, you will notice that feature on everyone else.15251665_1799933706948551_8060217807024947200_n

I use to hate my nose, so I started noticing other girls’ noses. It only made me hate my nose even more. As I got older I not only grew into my nose more, I learned how to rock it. I realized that the only person who thought anything about my nose at all was me. Of course, as we get older our insecurities change. We go from worrying about our noses and cellulite to calorie counting and keeping up with the Joneses.

Once I started to love myself it became so much easier to express myself. Once it became easier to express myself it became easier to love myself even more. It’s a cycle.

Choose to love yourself.

Feel good.

Look good.

Act good.

Love yourself.

Feel good.

Look good.

Act good.

I know I will never have a perfectly shaped nose or a defined jawline, but that does not keep me from being beautiful. It makes me unique. So many people these days will jump through burning hoops to feel pretty. Ditch the needles and scalpels and throw on a hot outfit. Wear your favorite shoes. Get your nails did. Curl your hair. Highlight your favorite features with your favorite brush. There are so many ways to feel pretty, though you already are, without going to extremes.

You have to wear your confidence on your sleeve. Your confidence is your vibe.



Scarf: Pendleton

Necklaces: Hand made by me


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