What lies beneath

I sure do love a good night out with my favorite outfit, a cocktail, and good music. I love getting compliments on what I wear, my make up, my jewelry, etc. and you should too! It’s not conceded to enjoy the feeling of being flattered, it boosts our confidence. But let’s be 100% real – we are not all high heels and lipstick at all times. At least, I’m not.

There’s just something so refreshing about coming home, throwing on a pair of sweats, my favorite tee, putting my hair in a ratchet bun and sitting down with a glass of wine to wind down from a hectic day. It’s not always a glamorous look, but I feel comfortable that way. So when I am hanging out on the couch with my dogs, eating my tacos, and sipping my Cabernet Sauvignon, I may not really look up-to-par. Who does though? I mean who really just loves the way they look when they’re the most comfortable? The answer is…no one. We should definitely love our nekkid faces and messy buns. But the truth of the matter is, we just don’t dig it.beauty

It doesn’t help that all these snap chat filters are made to make us, and others, look unrealistic and ultimately deter our expectations of beauty. My advice for becoming more comfortable with your bare self is as follows:

-Try out different make-up styles. Go for more neutral colors that lightly accentuate your favorite features.

-Ditch the eye liner for a few days. You’d be surprised at how awake and naturally beautiful you look with only a little mascara on. (Better Than Sex by TooFaced is my personal favorite)

-The realer the better. Set aside the fake eyelashes for a bit. Just enjoy your real self and your true features.

-Stop using those snap chat filters. You know, the ones that do all the photo-shopping for us. They totally drain our confidence because they make us look flawless. Literally flawless. But we are humans and we have flaws and zits and stuff. Stay cool, you’re hot without the filter.

I personally have to stop myself from using the filters all the time. I constantly post pictures of me with the flower crown and sparkly white teeth. It’s difficult for me to make myself steer clear of these things for the sake of my confidence, but it’s necessary. Honestly, I’m such a raw person to begin with when it comes to emotions and sharing how I truly feel, but when it comes to physical appearance I can be a little heavy handed on the eyeliner and bronzer. So technically, this small challenge is new for me too.

It’s good though, to love your true self. It’s good to love what you were naturally born with. I suppose you can always change whatever it is that you don’t like, but why change it when you could love it? Own it. Rock it. It’s yours. Use it as a reason to stand out rather than blending in. And most importantly, encourage someone else to do the same.

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