Turquoise & Leather & Beads, Oh my!

There is just something about beads and leather I can’t resist. I’m a turquoise hoarder, I’ll admit. The more strands of turquoise around my neck, the better. Unfortunately, most of the said products can be a bit pricey. So I have decided that making my own jewelry with genuine turquoise stones is a better remedy for me. 15535549_345851225798064_7015083579067596800_n1

I started out making beaded belts and bracelets. My fiance does leather work so we had a small business going for a while and it was great! We still do custom orders here and there, but I think I find the most fun in making native american inspired necklaces. I would sell turquoise for a living if I thought it would pay the bills. That’s hopefully the plan one day! I collect turquoise stones, turquoise jewelry, broken jewelry, and other forms of beads. I like to think that my creativity is at its best when I am able to make something that others will love.

It makes me so happy when I see someone wearing one of my bracelets, headbands, or belts. I know that if I would just drop everything and use my savings, I could probably open up a store, but for now it’s just a small money-making gig on the side, which I am more than okay with!

If you would like to order something, please contact me via email:

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