No Really, Do You.

In my short time on this earth I have come to the realization that people will eventually let you down and perhaps you will let others down as well, whether you know it or not. Now, this is not meant to be a negative post at all. This is soul food. This is truth. And this is how I have learned to handle it: you have to do you.

If you’ve constantly bent over backwards for someone who can hardly be bothered to even text you to see how your day is going, it’s time to woman-up and let it go. You have to cut those people off, you know, the ones who make you feel inferior but know for a fact that you’ll do anything for them. It’s a form of manipulation that is as old as time and no one deserves to be treated that way.

The hardest part is that sometimes we think so highly of someone who doesn’t give us a second thought. That kind of thing really use to bother me until I realized that it’s actually okay to be a little selfish if you need to be. If you don’t like something, move away from it. Don’t like your job? Quit. Don’t like your relationship? End it. Don’t like the color of your house? Paint it.friends

We have so much more control than we think we do. What we fear is change, the unknown. That’s the point though, to experience something new and scary. We can’t exactly test our strength unless we weigh it against adversity. I can’t even tell ya’ll how many times i have had to cut toxic people from my life. I’ve ditched family, bosses, close friends, boyfriends, all in the name of improvement. Each and every time I had to let go of something, it was hard for a little bit, but then something new came along and I was able to focus my positive energy on this new thing because I had shed the negative weight from my life.

It hurts to know that not everyone will view you how you view them. There are some really pretentious folks in this world and that is just the way they are. But no one is better than you. You are not a second class citizen or a peasant in the social world. You know, I use to think high school was mean, because it was. People were awful. Bleh. I hate thinking about it. But then I came to realize that those people exist everywhere. Our job is to do the ultimate, and that is to appreciate them for who they are without letting it rub off on us.

There is something to be said about a woman who can accept people as they are and just move on with their life. A lot of people can’t do that, myself included. I use to get my feelings all tied up in one little bitty situation when really I was fretting over something or someone I had no power to change. I’ve learned, since then, that it is best to keep strolling and focus on what you want rather than mending every broken fence you come across.

Find you some girl friends who are willing to love you for you. I have been extremely lucky to find some gals who understand me and love me and all my weirdness. They don’t know how much they mean to me. Genuine people can be so rare, like sleeping beauty turquoise stones, so I like to hang on to the ones I find.

For me, this blog helps me to get my thoughts out in the way that they are intended to be said. If anything I post speaks to only one person and helps them through a bump in the road, I will feel accomplished. I normally blog about funny things like the fiasco’s with my chickens and what a terrible gardener I am, but sometimes it helps me to get deep. Spread some love today, beautiful.



2 thoughts on “No Really, Do You.”

  1. Girl!! When I started following you on IG I was thinking “this chick! Native history lover, she appreciates handmade jewelry and seems like an all around good hearted chick!” Then today came across your blog and read a couple. You’re SO spot on. So, thank you!! Thanks for taking the time to let ladies know to be themselves and encourage them to do what makes them happy without fitting into the mold!! Love this post!!!


    1. Your kind words mean so much! I hope you will continue to find my posts comforting and relatable! If there’s ever anything you’d like to see, topic wise, let me know! I’m open to writing about anything. Best to you!



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