The Coop Scoop

Pee-Wee the Chicken

I’m a rookie in the business of chickens. I don’t slaughter mine, I just collect the eggs and enjoy their quirky company. I have eight chickens now and I don’t think I’ll ever need or want more. I know I’m not suppose to pick favorites, but I can’t help it. My sweet Pee-Wee is my sweetheart. I can’t imagine having chickens without a Pee-Wee! I think everyone who raises chicken can agree that each chicken has their own personality and sometimes that personality just melts your heart.peewee

Pee-Wee and I are closer because she actually scared me a while back when I went to check on her and the others and she was all but dead and shivering. It was a freak cold-front night and I was headed out to turn on the lamp for the chickens to keep them warm. The others were huddled together, but poor Pee-Wee was left out and left for dead in the corner of the coop. I grabbed a crate and put all of the chickens inside of it and took it to the barn, out of the cold. I kept Pee-Wee with me and wrapped her in a warm rag for a while, tilting her limp body back and forth to keep her up. Her eyes wouldn’t open and she couldn’t sit up straight. When she tried, she would just fall backwards with her legs stuck straight out. I continued warming her for about 30 minutes before returning her to her flock. I brought the lamp inside and let the chickens thaw out (no pun intended). I didn’t know what else to do besides put Pee-Wee in the crate with them, hoping they would give her body warmth if nothing else. I crossed my fingers and went back to the house to make supper.

After eating, I went out to the barn to check up on Lil’ Pee-Wee and I’ll be danged if she wasn’t up, cluckin’ and peckin’. I was amazed! I thought surely I was at a loss this time. But no, it was that day that I realized just how incredibly resilient chickens are, and from such a young age!

Ever since that day, it makes me sad to see the other chickens leave her out and kind of bully her. She’s obviously one of my tougher chickens, so I try not to worry too much. When I let them out of the coop during the day, she follows me around while I do my chores. If you think it sounds a bit silly to get attached to a chicken, go to Tractor Supply, get you a baby chick, raise it and take care of it until it’s ready to roam the yard and then try telling me you don’t love that chicken! They are so funny, my only regret with raising chickens is not starting sooner.



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