Food for Thought

I don’t know about everyone else, but the holidays are easily my favorite time of year. Between the food, shopping, and seeing family I haven’t seen in a while, it is so easy for me to get wrapped up (no pun intended) in the rush of the Christmas spirit, thus, helping myself to a second or third plate and allowing myself to get into bad eating habits and patterns. Don’t we all, though? It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just makes it so much harder to reboot our good habits and healthy meals. potatoes

But I have found a way to ease back into it. The other night, as I was on my third Oreo and reaching for a Zebra Cake, I realized how bad I felt. I didn’t feel bad in a guilty way, I just felt…blah. My body isn’t use to processing all of this terrible food in large amounts, so I felt lethargic and ill at times. When we got home from all of the Christmas madness, the first thing I promised myself was that we would have a healthy meal, hell or high water. I was still craving the wine-basted turkey and stuffing with extra whip on my chocolate pie, so I compromised. You’d be amazed at how yummy and filling and healthy meal can be.

I prepared a Christmas-inspired meal last night that made me feel as if I were cheating, but in reality, I was doing myself a service. The meal consisted of:

-Lemon Peppered chicken

-Fresh green beans (lightly sauteed with low-sodium seasoning)

-Sweet potatoes and caramelized onions (sprinkled with cinnamon)

The key is balancing your proteins, your fibers, and your fats. The chicken was delicious and juicy, the green beans tasted so zesty, and the sweet potatoes may as well have been desert! While there is a lot of fats in sweet potatoes, they are extremely beneficial to your body. They are low in sodium, high in potassium, rich in Vitamin A, and contain a fair amount of protein and fiber. It’s merely a plus that they are sinfully tasty.

I made enough to last me a couple meals to kick-start my good habits. It’s hard getting back into the routine of eating good, but your body will thank you and you’d be amazed at how it can change your mood and energy. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, filled with love, food, and family.



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