Turquoise MINE

Over the New Year Holiday, Clint and I decided to go to Ruidoso, New Mexico, on a whim. It was fabulous. Everything in New Mexico radiates with colors, patterns, textures and other things that make the mountain life glamorous. Downtown Ruidoso is like nothing I have ever seen before. It was so quaint and chic, like what you see in movies about small-town-America. Plus, it being so close to Christmas time, the lights and decorations were still lit. It was breath taking, to say the minimal. And obviously I had to poke my nose in every single turquoise shop there was to see. neckalce

I don’t know how I made it out of Ruidoso with my bank account still intact. I walked in, positive that I would walk out wondering how I would get my bills paid up for the next month. Instead, I pulled inspiration from what I saw. I am a creator, I make stuff. It’s one of my niches. I also do business with a lady from Tucson who can provide me anything I need at whole sale pricing. So, rather than dropping a ‘K’ like a hot potato, I decided to come back home and get to work. String N’ Beads, it’s what I do.

And might I add, when I say “I pulled inspiration from what I saw”, I do not mean that I appropriated another man/woman’s work, nor would I. I like to put my own twist on things. So what I did buy while I was in Ruidoso was a few items that add value and authenticity to the overall finished product, such as filler beads, clasps, etc. The pictures shown are two necklaces that I wound up making, and I can’t lie, I am very pleased with my work. I have always said that I’d like to make a living by selling the items I make, but I need to explore the market further before I consider a business plan.necklace2

I love these items and have always been fascinated with mines and the origin of stones. I am more than willing to take suggestions, advise and criticism in order to further my knowledge in this market. If you have any suggestions or references, please drop them in the comment section below!





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