The Coop Scoop

Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs

The other night I was hanging out with my family and we got to talking about things we didn’t know. For example, a handful of them had not clue that baby carrots were just bigger carrots that had been carved down to smaller ones. My fiance and cousin had no idea that a pickle was just a baby cucumber. That kind of talk. We had some laughs and it was all a great time. Then, when I got home, I went out to my chicken coop to collect eggs and I was floored when I saw a white egg. I’m not trying to play the blame game, but when you only collect brown eggs every day and then suddenly there’s a white egg in the nest, you can easily spot the culprit at my house because I only have one white chicken. chicken.PNG

I thought to myself “surely this is from her”, because it was the first time I’d had a white egg, and she is still pretty young. The egg was small. So, just to humor myself, I googled it.

I have never been so astounded at a piece of information in my life, ya’ll. It is, indeed, a fact with certain breeds: white chickens lay white eggs, and red feathered chickens lay brown eggs. I can’t make this up. I am still mind blown.

On top of that, there are some chickens that lay speckled and blue eggs. Like, what?! It’s like the possibilities are endless. I’ve always thought that raising chickens was a bit like Easter egg hunting for adults. I get all giddy every time I have eggs to collect, and now, they’re multi-colored! What a time to be a crazy chicken lady.



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