Why You’re Not “Fun” Anymore

It’s 7:00 pm on a Friday night and here you are, watching Grey’s Anatomy and sipping on a cheap bottle of wine. You’ve even let the dogs on the bed, big party. You get a call from your girl friends who are going to dinner then going out on the town for some drinks and shenanigans. You think about it. Ponder it. Consider it. Then decide against it with zero regret. The only regret you might feel is the feeling of guilt for turning down an invite when your friends were obviously thinking of you.

You’re already in sweats, you haven’t showered. Work was a beast today. All you care to do is stay in bed, polish of that bottle of wine, and sleep until 11 am the next day.

When did we get like this? There’s nothing wrong with it at all. But you may hear people joke around and tell you how boring you’ve become or how fun you USE to be. I mean, they probably aren’t wrong, but they aren’t exactly right either. mimosas

As we get older, our versions of fun shift. I vividly remember having a conversation with my mom about how I never thought I’d want to stop living the lifestyle of a college kid. Her response was this: “Well, you may think that now, but believe me, as you get older, different things will seem much more fun than going out.” As per usual, mom was right.

I use to be the girl that loved a good time, was down for anything, any time, anywhere, didn’t care. I never saw myself growing out of that because it’s just who I was. I wasn’t out of control to an extent of irresponsibility. I went to every class, passed every test, made it to work every day on time, and all that. But every second of my free time was spent partying.

Now? Two glasses of wine will have me so tired the next day I can barely keep my eyes open at work. If I go out on the town, it takes the entire next day to recover. On top of that, I just feel disgusting, like my body is literally polluted with toxins, because it is. Plus, the money. Oh my gosh, the money we spend on partying when we could just have those same people over to play games and buy cheap wine and beer for a fraction of the price. Don’t get me wrong, I still love hanging with my friends and having social drinks. I’m just more of a “let’s-go-have-bottomless-mimosas-for-brunch-then-take-a-nap-at-3” type of girl these days.

Going to the Copper Penny, Outlaws, or Capitol use to be my idea of fun. Now that I’m 25, making it happen out here in the big ol’ scary world, I just feel like I would rather save my time and energy on working in my garden or practicing yoga, neither of which are hardly possible when I’m hungover. I’m going on my bachelorette trip in May, so don’t hold this over my head, but I still have no intentions of getting out of hand or drinking to a point that I’ll be miserable on the flight home. Four years ago I wouldn’t have considered these things. I wanna feel good enough to go and do the fun stuff, actually enjoy Vegas.

drinksSo maybe I’m a little boring now, or just not the same as I use to be, but I’m fine with that because I am happier now anyway. I have more energy, I have more money, I have more time, I’m up a little earlier than I ever thought I’d consider. I still love to have fun, but I’ve learned to cheat the system, like I said. Mimosas during the day, the earlier you can hit the hay.

Cheers to all you yoga pants wearing, Netflix watching, dog petting, book reading, wine drinking, Friday night dwelling, ladies out there. You’re not boring, you’re just saving energy and money.



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