Bohemian to Business

I got a request to blog more about my style/what I wear. I’m glad I recieved this request because, in case ya couldn’t tell, I’ve been slacking in the fashion blogging department. So let’s get started!

My style doesn’t necessarily belong to a category pertaining to high fashion, nor does it represent anyone other than myself. When I wake up in the morning three things determine what I wear:

1.) What is actually clean? Yup, I have to check the inventory of my closet to make sure that what I want to wear ins’t stuck in the washer or dirty clothes hamper, because if it is, chances are it has been there for a hot minute and will remain there for an even hotter minute. If the outfit I had in mind isn’t readily available, next.

2.) My mood. Some days I wake up ready to conquer the world. On those days I typically wear heels and lipstick. I’m not much for the business professional look, but I do enjoy a fun colored pair of slacks pair with a funky, flowy blouse. This way, I can still keep my bohemian values close to me whilst slaying at work. Then, some days I wake up and I feel sassy, or not willing to get out of bed. These are the days I usually wear jeans and a graphic tee. Simple, but not bland. On days that I am feeling the closest to me, my happiest days, I wear tons of turquoise, my favorite booties, and maybe even a dress. Dresses are also perfect for days you want to maintain a certain look without much effort. And then of course on the weekends its messy buns and sweats. It’s not all glitz and glam, I can promise you that.blue

3.) Where am I going? Who will I see? This may sound a bit superficial, but it’s important. If you’re on your way to meet a client, you want to look professional and approachable. As much as I’d love to go everywhere in my street clothes, it’s just not permissible some days. But that’s okay, because whatever I wear, bohemian or business, I make it mine. If I’m going to meet the girls for brunch, I throw on my sassiest outfit, probably consisting of turquoise and fringe. Dress for the occasion.

Now, as far as what I personally prefer to wear, my taste in clothes is far and wide. I love stores like J. Crew, Anthropology, Free People, and Banana Republic, but my favorite clothes come from online boutiques. Plus, most boutiques carry more for less. I wear a lot of flowy blouses and dresses because I feel that those items flatter me more. I wear a lot of bell bottoms because I have a big rump for a small girl, and bell bottoms balance my shape. I don’t normally wear many tight fitting clothes out and about unless it’s leggings or pants, but again, it’s just a personal preference  according to my figure.

On some of my easiest days, I get the most compliments. My go-to outfit is a pair of dark skinnies paired with a denim button up shirt and over-the-knee boots. I have never received so many compliments in my life. Simple. Bold. Statement. Think of those three things when dressing yourself. What do you own that is simple? That won’t over-do it or make it look as thought you’re trying too hard? Now what do you own that’s bold? A piece of jewelry or a pair of phenomenal shoes? Now you need a statement piece, something to serve as the focal point of your outfit. This can be a color, a hairstyle, a pop of lip color, jewelry, a cardigan, it can be whatever. Whatever makes  your outfit complete and pop, that’s your statement piece.calamity

Another mistake I think a lot of girls make when dressing themselves is comparing their style to everyone else’s.When we compare ourselves to others, all we see is what we lack. But another person’s personal fashion choices are not a representation or a reflection on your style, whatsoever. I see girls 24/7 wearing things that are adorable, and that’s it. It’s not my style, it’s not what would look good on me, but I can still appreciate their good taste.

Your style should be all about staying true to you. You style should introduce you. But most importantly, you need to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. If you’re self conscious about what you have on, it’s not the right outfit because it’s obviously not you. Wear the bold, funky shoes you haven’t worn in a while. Bust out that dress that been in the back of your closet for years. Play dress up! Find what makes you feel beautiful, and then wear that as often as you can.



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