Clint Martin of Dead Horse Leather Co. and Tanner Crow of Slick Hills Silver are collaborating their hand crafted trades to auction a custom-made belt and buckle for the highest bidder.  Auction bids will be taken from Clint’s Instagram and Facebook (IG: @deadhorseleather). All proceeds will go to the families who have suffered great losses to the fires. This auction will end Sunday night, 3/12/17, 7:00 p.m., Texas

It is important to remember that many of these victims have not just fought for their homes, they have not just fought for their land, they have viciously fought for their jobs, ranches, crops, farms, etc. This is their livelihood. And for some, it is too late. Fires have eaten up millions of acres and countless head of livestock, thus far. Unfortunately, mother nature is both a curse and blessing. We praise her when she feeds our crops with much needed rain, we rejoice in her sunshine, but we can just as quickly feel defeated by her wicked mood swings and change of heart.

Perhaps it is not easy for everyone to up and haul to the panhandle or other affected areas in order to help farmers and ranchers salvage their homes, equipment and livestock. But these young men are offering an opportunity for those of us who are in the free and clear to reach out to our fellow cowboys and cowgirls. Your participation in this auction will send a message to the families affected. If tomorrow you woke up and were forced out of your home by something that was completely outside of your control, would you hope that someone, somewhere, had a big enough heart to help you, regardless of you being a perfect stranger? auction2

Show your support for those who are currently fighting for their homes, as well as for those who have already lost so much. To bid on the custom belt, please contact Clint Martin (on Instagram as @deadhorseleather) or Tanner Crow (@slick_hills_silver). The pictures presented in this blog are actual examples and products made by each of these young men. Place your bids, guys and gals! And again, all proceed will go directly to the families who have been affected by the fires. If you have further questions about this auction, please contact or directly message Clint Martin via Facebook messenger. God bless, and happy bidding!


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