Support #prayforthepanhandle

Tragedy is currently sweeping across the Midwest in the form of vicious flames and thick smoke. Lives have been lost due to brave attempts to salvage what is left of their livelihood. Countless acres have been burned. Farmers and ranchers are frantically working around the clock to save their livestock and homesteads. Homes have been destroyed. Heirlooms have turned to ashes. But just as the saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, where there is tragedy, there is sure to be hope. Cowboys and cowgirls all across the Midwest have come together in unity to lend a helping hand where ever it may be possible. txstrong

If you would like to support those who are fighting for their homes, families, and lives of those around them, contact Sheridan Barrow to purchase your “Texas Strong” t-shirt. Proceeds will be sent to the Texas Panhandle Fire Departments for the benefit of those who have suffered so much loss during these times of natural disasters.

To purchase, email If wild fires can spread fast, so can a good deed. #prayforthepanhandle

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