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I always wondered how people with 20+ chickens keep up with all those eggs. For those of you who don’t know, a hen lays an egg every day, at least, a happy hen does. I have four right now and if they are all happy hens that day, I collect four eggs. Sometimes someone will put in O.T. and I’ll get five or six instead. Nonetheless, it’s hard to keep up with so many eggs. We don’t eat breakfast much at our house so we end up with at least a few dozen eggs a week!

I don’t know that I could sell my eggs, I don’t have many neighbors. But I refuse to waste my girls’ hard work and dedication. After playing with some ideas on how to make good use of all our eggs, I think I’ve finally hit the mother-load of all ideas: making breakfast burritos in bulk and then freezing them.four.JPG

I remember my college roommate doing this once, and I thought it was genius. I just never gave it a second thought until the other day when I was looking at 36 eggs wondering what the heck to do with them. If you’re a busy body like myself, you’ll appreciate this recipe. It requires 30 minutes of your time and will make at least 20 breakfast burritos.

I used about 12-14 eggs and mixed it with cooked turkey sausage, because it’s lean meat. When the turkey sausage and eggs were well mixed, I lay out some 8 in tortillas. You simply scoop a spoonful of the eggs and sausage onto the tortillas, top them with salsa and cheese and then roll them up in foil. It’s that easy and they taste great. I had one this morning! Simply unwrap the burrito from the foil, roll it up in a paper towel and microwave on high for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. I love breakfast, but never have time to make a decent meal before leaving the house. Another great thing about these is if you ever have guests over, you’ll have breakfast for everyone. Or if you’re late to work one day, just bring some burritos for everyone. No one can stay made at a person who shows up with food, even if you are late and perhaps slightly hungover.

Now that I’m actually going to have more chickens laying next summer, I need to become even more creative, and I’m setting my sights on a couple of quiche recipes! What recipes do ya’ll have that require copious amounts of egg? Leave them below in the comments!





13 eggs

1 lb. turkey sausage

1 cup grated blended cheese

1 cup picante sauce

1 package 8 in. flour tortillas

Makes roughly 20 burritos, enjoy!

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