Lightly Over-Packed

I don’t know who else shares this struggle, but I am the world’s worst about packing. I know it’s because I’m

A.) a procrastinator and

B.) a terrible planner.

So I never plan my outfits. I don’t even have the patience or the concentration for that. What I end up doing, every single time, is packing all of my favorite pieces, shoving them in a bag, and then making a mess when I unpack.

I am going to Vegas tomorrow and I am flying with Spirit Airlines. Normally I would not even waste my money on Spirit, but I am glad this time because they charge you per bag + weight. You only get one free carry-on. So guess what this broke bride is doing? Packing the whole dang she-bang in one carry-on. And yes, it can be done. hat

I did a minimal amount of planning last night as to what I would wear. I allowed myself two tops and one dress for both days we would be there, I am going to wear my swim suit underneath my clothes on the plane, and I am putting all of my make-up in my purse. I am amazed, to be honest, at what all can fit into a carry-on if you just put your heart into it. The girls and I made a plan that we would each bring one hair styling tool and share when we get there. All of my clothes, bridesmaids gifts and shoes fit beautifully into this carry-on, with even a little wiggle room, because, ya know, shopping.

Also, I like to travel in style. So I will have one of my cute outfits on when I arrive. That way I don’t have to wait to check-in to our room to start slugging mimosas and chips and salsa.

Any way, I just thought I would share this tip with all of my fashionistas that love to over-pack. I still got to include my favorite outfits, I just rolled them up instead of folding them, which saved tons of room for shoes.

Think smarter, not harder, people.



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