What Happens in Vegas

I feel very blessed to have gotten the opportunity to travel as much as I have lately. Sometimes when I have so much going on with work or my personal life, I feel like traveling can be such a burden. In the last two months I have taken several trips, two of which required an airfare.

This last adventure took me all the way to sin city. Me and my bridesmaids went to Vegas for my final hoo-rah, and even though we all lead incredibly busy lives, it was a blast to see everyone again. The first day I must have had altitude sickness because I was dizzy, weak and nauseous the entire time at dinner. It wasn’t until we went to the comedy club that I started feeling somewhat better. We have a great time but we did call it a night early because for the most part, we were all beat from the trip up there. Plus, we had a big day planned for the following day.

When we woke up, we all started getting ready and the super sweet lady at the front desk offered us a complimentary bottle of champagne to kick-off our celebration. We sipped mimosas, did our hair, order $21 toast (what out for that room service fee, ya’ll), and headed down to the casino. We gambled a little, drank a little more, and then decided it was time for a little pool action. image1

I have only stayed at the MGM in Vegas, but this time we were at Treasure Island because they were having great deals at the time I booked it. Their pool is amazing, a great party scene and the weather was perfect. Granted, the drinks were $20 a piece but that’s Vegas for you. We might have had a little too much fun because after the pool, half of us were sun zapped, broke from gambling, and in serious need of a nap. However, we had planned a trip to the Men of Sapphire club, so after a hot bath and a shot of BC powder, three of us were back in gear.

I normally would roll my eyes at the idea of a strip club, because I’ve had relationships ruined over such establishments, I hate when people touch me and I think being surrounded by naked people is awkward. But this place was different, and actually humorous to an extent. It wasn’t like I thought it would be at all. In fact, I had the most fun watching old ladies throw all their money at these jacked up stripper men and then proceed to get thrown around on stage like a rag doll. The best part is watching how embarrassed everyone gets when they’re approached by one of the guys. The two hour open bar wasn’t bad either. We had the best seat in the house, right at the end of the stage where the catwalk came out.

I think what I liked most about this club was that it wasn’t much of a strip club at all! It was more of a performance. The guys dancing were performing routines and, while they ended up in very little clothing, they weren’t all in my face. One of my girls, on the other hand (I won’t name names), got a hold of one-too-many vodka sodas and ended up in relatively bad shape, but the club wouldn’t have been any fun without her. It’s memories like that that will be fun to tell when we are on a an annual girls trip in our 40’s.

Even though we only had 48 hours in Vegas, I needed this trip with my girls. I hadn’t got to see all my bridesmaids in one place until this trip happened and it was a blast. Even more fun than I expected. I was blown away by how special they made this trip for me. They decorated the room, brought cupcakes, gifts, bought my drinks, etc. I am just blessed that they went above and beyond to make this trip so special. It’s not easy to get away from work when you’re in your mid 20’s, much less spend the money it takes to get to Vegas and back, but I am so thankful they did.

I’m not even mad about the money I lost at the black jack table, we had so much fun. And you know what they say, when in Rome, get a lap dance from a Romanian.



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