Beach Baggage

When you’re going on a tropical vacation, it’s only normal to want to look your best everywhere you go, ya know, like all those girls on Instagram and stuff. From my experience, I have always loved the water so much that the less time I can spend in real clothes and the more time I can spend in a bikini, the happier I am. I wish I would have remembered this when I went to St. Lucia.beach champ

I packed way too much. I packed dresses, shorts, God knows how many shirts and shoes. It was just all too much. I could have gotten away with less than half of what I already had and this is why:

I wore the same outfits at least twice. No one would see me again. We attended dinner somewhere different every night. The ONLY shoes I wore were my Jesus sandals. There was absolutely nowhere to go in St. Lucia wearing heels or boots, trust me. I wore the same pair of jean shorts to the beach almost daily, and then I would wash them in the shower at night. For dinners, I alternated between a maxi dress and a pair of holey jeans with a cute tank. I bet I could have brought 4 outfits for the entire trip and been just fine.

The other thing I packed that I had absolutely no use for was my curling iron and my straightener. The humidity in the air is no joke, so no matter how long I spent on my hair I would have gone directly back to square one within an hour.

This holds true for make up as well. I normally love dressing up, doing my hair and my make up and looking flashy for a night on the town. But at the beach I don’t really have a desire to go out, so most of the places we hang out at are tiki hut bars and pop-up bars; nothing too snazzy.

I wasn’t out of my element when I was rocking a naked face, frizzy hair and sandals. In fact, that is one of my favorite looks. It’s less work in the morning and at night, and you’ll notice in tropical places that fashion is not always their #1 priority like it is for us girls here in the Midwest! beach pineapple

My morning routine consisted of throwing on a swimsuit (because I packed several), slipping on my shorts and throwing on a button-up. Easy enough, and I thought it was such a cute beach-look. As weird as this sounds, one thing I have started doing when I know I am going to be swimming or being in the sun all day is putting a dab of coconut oil + conditioner in my hair before leaving. This way, when I swim my hair will already be preconditioned, making it less tangled for night time festivities!

So if you are going on a beach vacation any time soon my main tips are:

1.) pack light. You do not need a different outfit every night, trust me. Pack a couple sets of beach clothes, one nice dress, and one casual outfit. Boom, you’re good to go.

2.) ditch the glam. You’re pretty without make up, plus, if you wear it to the beach you don’t want to look like beetle juice emerging from the water. Brooke Shields is the only one who gets away with make up and water.

3.) dab your hair with a little conditioner. It makes a for faster prep time later!




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