My “Over-All” Style

When people think of fashion nowadays they tend to worry about keeping up with the Jones’s. When I first went to college, I remember seeing all the girls on campus wearing all sort of cute clothes that looked fabulous on them. Those outfits, tried as I might, never looked good on me though. The sheer shirts and colored skinny jeans were never my style, not the way the sorority girls wore them anyway. That was their style and it just didn’t quite fit into my realm of fashion.

I guess I have always been willing to try new things and make a statement. I’m not afraid to be the first to try out a certain look, that is part of the fun of it for me. I have turned some heads and had people roll their eyes at me for things that I wear because I “over-do” it or what I wear is too “loud”. I just don’t care what others think about my style. I don’t go for brand names, hardly ever. Yes, I make the occasional pit stop into Forever 21, Dillard’s, or Zumiez, but I would much rather give my money to a mom who just opened a boutique and is trying to afford her daughters cheer leading outfit. Plus, as I have said before, boutique tend to always have cuter styles.

Don’t get me wrong, I am wearing sweats and a top knot just as often as I am dressing up, mostly because I live out in the sticks and my office doesn’t particularly have a dress code, so jeans and tee-shirts are always an option for me. I’m not above it! But i love getting to get dolled up. Saturday mornings spent around town are my favorite, because I don’t have to get fully dressed with make up on, but I have plenty of time to spend picking out a chic outfit that is super simple and cute. So last Saturday, my friend hosted a garage sale and my husband and I went to help out. I wore skinny jeans (rolled up), old converse (my favorite), a Pendleton bandanna as a headband, a swoop-neck tee, and I even left my glasses on. It was simple, but it was an adorable outfit if I do say so myself. Plus, I was comfy.

Well, my girl Rach brought me inside after we were done with the garage sale and showed me a super cute pair of overall shorts that she didn’t want, so she gave them to me. I was more excited than most people would be about a pair of overalls. I literally wore them all weekend because they went with everything! My husband and I actually ended up going to Decatur that night to watch the bull riding because he had to drop off some leather work to a client, and the overalls were a hit. I think I found my new favorite outfit (pictured below)!image1

I wore my favorite lid and my sassiest fringe boots with these overalls, paired with my favorite pieces of turquoise. Who would have thought that overalls would be so cute with boots? I had the vision, but I wasn’t sure if it would work or not. It was between these boots or my high-heeled booties. Needless to say, I was beyond happy with the fringe boots.

In fact, some of my favorite pieces, period, are pictured in this photo (although you can’t see my Texas Prison Rodeo shirt under the overalls).

Boots: NRS

Hat: Charlie 1 Horse

Long Zuni Ring: @backwoods.barbie.couture

Texas Prison Rodeo tee: @vaquerastyle

Rondell turquoise necklace: Handmade by me

Overalls: Billabong

Those are the details of this look as I can recall them. It’s not a look that will suit everyone, and I know this. But I was so comfortable, I felt beautiful, and it was me being me. Those are the most important things when styling yourself. Find out what works for you and don’t consider what looks you may or may not get. As long as you like what you see in the mirror, that is all that should matter.



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