Fashion Inspo by 1970’s Sally Fields

I have such a passion for accessories. I feel like accessories speak for the whole outfit. When I dress up, I usually like for my statement piece to be a large piece of turquoise or a cute hat. I could dress up all day wearing my favorite blouse and shorts/jeans, but for me the outfit isn’t complete until you jazz it up with some cute side pieces. I think of it as a good meal: you can order a chicken fried steak, but without mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans, your meal would be pretty bland (yes, I just came up with that. Yes, I just patted my self on the back a little).

I am a sucker for all things turquoise, and the other day I came across this gorgeous slab turquoise belt buckle from The Turquoise Buffalo so I snagged it, the first chance I got. I had never really priced these buckles, but I figured they weren’t cheap so when I saw the opportunity to grab one for a decent price, I took it. P.S. everything in this store is way cute. Jamee, the owner, is a sweetheart and she has always shipped my orders minutes after I’ve submitted them.Image

I was beyond stoked when I got my buckle in. I can’t wait to play with different looks and styles. I just feel like you can never go wrong with a large hunk of turquoise. It literally looks good with everything, black, yellow, a dress, a skirt, burlap, leather, you name it.

I caved today and decided to dress up a bit so that I could show off this new beauty. I paired it with a simple, but one of my favorite, graphic tees from Redford Ranch, skinny jeans, and my super comfy pump booties from Charlotte Russe. I love this look for a few reasons:

1.) It’s simple. You can wear it anywhere because it’s casual.

2.) It’s comfortable, but it looks like I put way more effort into it than I really did.

3.) It’s me. This is my look, this is how I dress when I just want to feel my best while looking cute. Like I always say, if you FEEL good, that is what matters most.

There have been times where I thought I had to keep up with the social media Kardashians and it was an epic fail. Those looks don’t work for me and they don’t flatter me at all. Tall girls can get away with a lot more than us fun sized gals, so I turn to skinny’s and pumps a lot because, well, illusions.

I woke up, yet again, this morning not having a clue what to wear or if I would even dress up at all. Most of my lack of motivation comes from the time it takes to do my make up and such, and I just wasn’t feeling it this morning. I needed a little inspiration to get my fashion juices flowing, so I turned to Sally Fields. That’s right, 1970’s Sally Fields had it going on. She was always a natural, effortless beauty, and I strive to recreate that. Her look was simplistic, trendy, and never over-the-top. Her look isn’t exactly my look, because I like to take something simple and deck it out in jewelry, but Sally helped my achieve the inspiration I needed to conquer the morning. Thanks Sal.



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