Dress to Feel

I’m such a slow starter in the mornings, and truth be told, I’m far from a morning person. I could get 10 hours of sleep, but at 6 or 7 a.m., I’m still gonna be tired. I think this issue contributes the most to what I do and don’t wear every day. It seems like the days I decide to dress up are the days I’m latest for work. Oops. But lucky for me, I have a pretty lenient schedule.

I think it’s an awesome thing when girls feel pretty. I think it’s okay to say “I really love my outfit today”, or “I feel beautiful today”, or “I really love the way these jeans fit my butt”! It’s not bragging and it’s not tooting your own horn. You deserve to feel beautiful as often as possible. Does feeling pretty make you happy? If you answered yes, then treat yourself to an extensive make over as often as you can. Dress to feel.

You ever have those days? Where you’re just really feelin’ yourself? Where you just feel all the good vibes and rock out to your favorite tunes on your way to wherever you’re going? That’s exactly how I felt this morning. I was just happy to feel pretty and positive. I wore a spunky outfit I normally wouldn’t wear, but once I put it on I was really happy with the result. I loved how it looked and fit. I was just…feelin’ it. green

Ya’ll may think I’m crazy for relating outfits to emotional feelings, but I truly believe that there is a strong correlation. Why do our girlfriends make us get dressed and put on our make up after a bad break up? Or why do we feel the need to go shopping after a hard day? It’s because dressing up and looking good makes you feel good. I’ve gone weeks before without even bothering to wear anything but sweat pants and dry shampoo. Yes, I love being comfy and I think all girls need their scrub days. But sometimes I’ll fall into a funk because when I dress down for so long I’ll start to feel down.

I also enjoy wearing bright colors too. It’s hard to feel like a rain cloud when you look like a ray of sunshine. You can quote me on that.

It takes more effort, more time, and more energy but taking that time for myself is something I need, something we all need. Think of it as time you take out of your day for YOU and YOU alone. Not for your boss. Not for your kids. Not for you husband. It’s time for YOU. You are beautiful, among many other things. But you are beautiful first, so nurture your inner Goddess and slay boo. Wake up and slay.



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