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If the Shoe Fits, Slay It.

I have been noticing patterns in today’s trends that reflect on trends from the past, but not one specific decade. Today’s trends fall into a category that can only be described as a melting pot from last centuries revolutionary decades. The 60’s and 70’s are back in full force, but it seems to have an 80’s grunge accent to it. The 50’s pin-up fashion seems to be a hit as well, but only among certain groups of women.

For whatever reason, we all pull muses from the Woodstock era, which I adore, and find a way to make it our own. Personally, I feel as though we never strayed too far away from 70’s fashion. It lingered, silently for 20 years, and now it’s back. If I had to guess just by observing the trends in today’s western fashion alone, I’d say that icons such as Cher, Stevie Nicks, and Calamity Jane are the main source for fashion inspiration among women my age. They’re our muses.

For me, I’m not a one-muse kind of woman to begin with. My inspirations change from day to day, and half the time I can’t even keep up with them myself. I have an endless list of fashion icons whom I pull inspiration from. Sometimes I don’t even pull fashion inspiration from people, I pull them from feeling or a place. I say this all the time, but I dress to feel. Some days I feel mellow and want to go for a more toned-down look. Some days I want to go bra-less and wear a crop top and shorts. My mood reflects what I wear, always. Today’s look is a little darker with less jewelry (not normal for me), because I had a dark dream last night. I woke up feeling dark. So, black it is. I threw in the lacy white top to avoid looking too much like Wednesday Adams.

wednesday adams

I like switching it up. I don’t have one particular style, per se. I have emotions and they reflect through my outfits. If I was talented enough to sing my emotions, I’d sing them. If I could paint, I’d paint them. If I could build, I’d build them. But I’m a master of none so I shop instead and write about it to all you lovely people. I don’t think my style is everyone’s style, and I really didn’t start dressing the way I wanted to until I felt that I was free and clear of judgement. I don’t like to wear what everyone else is wearing. I like to take risks and wear whatever makes me feel right.

I hated going out and getting looks or remarks like “what the hell are you wearing”? I shouldn’t have cared what people thought, and luckily I don’t anymore. But at one time in my life, I did. I’m not that person anymore, and sometimes people still make remarks that I don’t dress like my usual self, when little do they know that they have no idea who my true “usual self” is. I dress EXACTLY like myself, because the self that I know dances to music that no one else can hear in the first place.

Maybe some think I look like spooky caricature of a ghost when I wear all black and don’t have much to say. Well, so be it. I kind of feel like a ghost today anyway.

If the shoe fits, slay it.



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