You’ve Changed

I’m going to keep it 100% real here. I am, and always have been, a huge advocate for
being yourself and staying true to who you are. But who you are isn’t always engraved in marble. Hopefully, you have changed over the past five years. I would hope that we all evolve in one way or another, so long as the evolution is progress towards a better version of yourself.

Have you ever had anyone tell you that you’ve changed because you dress different, party less, became more of an artist, adopted a new perspective, pursued something you’re passionate about that doesn’t allow for a flexible schedule, etc? That’s a compliment, in my book. I would hope to God I have significantly changed in the last 10 years; what’s more, I would hope that people notice it. I try not to have regrets about the decisions I’ve made that have led me to this point in my life, but I changed my own circumstances so that I could readily identify mistakes before they were made. I was reckless in years past, and while it was fun, I could have channeled so much of my time and energy on something that could have grown A LOT by now, such as my writing, or playing guitar. With the time I spent partying or chasing boys, I could have been a published author, poet, or song writer by now. Back then, I had no idea what it would mean to me now to have had those opportunities. I knew I could write, but I didn’t nurture the talent, I blew it off because it wasn’t fun and tapping into my creative psyche is hard when you’re not sober more than 3 days a week.

Now that I’m 25, going on 26 dangerously soon, I have reflected on my accomplishments and decided that it was time for a change, again. I suppose I was a late bloomer in several ways. I had no idea what I wanted when I was 18. When I was 21, I knew I wanted to leave my hometown, so I did. And now that I am approaching 26, my decisions and dreams have evolved into something more. I know now what I finally want, and that requires a change in lifestyle. I want to have my own business, so I will be busier now and probably have to travel quite a bit. I want to take my writing more seriously, that will mean more time with a pen and paper, and less time on social media. I want to practice my song writing and poetry, because I know I am capable of writing epic-worthy material. But all of these things have required, and will continue to require, a shift in lifestyle. motel

Changes and shifts are essentially synonymous. Where there is an action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. One of the best quotes I have ever feasted my ears on was as simple as “nothing changes if nothing changes”. Simple, concise, and true. See, we want all of these things to just happen for us. We want to glory without the guts, and very few people now days have the guts it takes to nurture their passions. We live in a world of automatic satisfaction. We live for the adrenaline of seeing that 100 people liked our picture on Instagram or that our crush snap-chatted us back, but when was the last time you lived for the feeling you got when you completed an art projected? When was the last time you sat down with your instrument of choice and beautifully composed a song? When was the last time you danced in front of a crowd of people or brought your talents and dreams to life?

What gets you high without having to take a drink or inhale a substance? Whatever it is, do that with everything you are. Spend more time doing the things that make you smile and less time wishing you were doing it. You will have transformed yourself without even realizing you were even part of a metamorphosis.

So when you do the things that nurture your spirit, you can bloom. When you bloom, people say you’ve changed. That’s good, why would anyone want to stay the same they’ve always been? Just like the weather, humans have seasons we go through. Some seasons are harsh, brutal winters, and some are sunny with a light breeze. But these seasons of life only happen if you initiate the butterfly effect (i.e. the idea that a butterfly can flap its wings at the right time, in the right place, that will cause a hurricane thousands of miles away).

Whatever the change is, make it. Whatever it takes, do it. Where ever it takes you, go there. But don’t spend the rest of your life wishing you would have made a move. You’ll wake up 25 more years from now hating yourself for not taking that spontaneous trip or seizing a beautiful opportunity. Don’t hold yourself back. The thing about time is that they aren’t making it in factories and it is not a renewable resource. Take this day and make it the day that you initiate the butterfly effect. Make the change now, not tomorrow, not next week, not on pay day. Now.



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