To the Girl Who is Never Satisfied

You are not a selfish woman for always craving something more. You may feel as though you don’t exactly know what it is that you truly want right now, and that is more than okay. You may have it all, a wonderful job that pays you well, a loving significant other, a supportive family, but there has to be more, right? There’s always something more to be achieved.

Maybe for a while you dabbled in a hobby that you enjoyed spending your time on, and maybe it got boring so you moved on to another. You want to know where your place is in this world, but you haven’t figured out where you even want to be in the first place, yet. You get bored easily and are constantly seeking adventure, but someone, something holds you back. You are afraid to hurt others, so you suppress your spontaneous spirit out of fear of judgement.

You’re a good person, but you can’t ever seem to stay in one place too long. You were born with the spirit of a nomad and have no desire to settle in any one particular place. Money is an object, but it’s just another necessity that holds you back. You ponder, almost daily, about what your life would be like if some of your circumstances were just a little different. Maybe you think you have waited too long to fulfill your dreams and now you feel stuck in a life that is, inevitably, not suitable for you.

You wish others understood that leaving makes you happier than staying, and that change is just a part of who you are. You’re in a constant metamorphosis that is only visible to you, because you can’t explain your constant change in inspiration and emotion to others. At the end of the day you crave to meet new people, try new things, discover new places, and become a new you; certainly not for a lack of appreciation of what you already have. You are just curious, you are brave. Why stay in one place when this vast world exists? You know you were not meant for a life of contentment brought on by complacency. You are content when you exist outside of your own patterns and rituals. Happiness comes to you in the form of difference and change.

Yet, there is that part of you that holds dearly to sentiment and the feeling of having a home base. You enjoy the cushion of having a family to return to. You revel in the comfort of your own bed and the sound of the rain on your own roof. But after a while, it will be time for another adventure. Maybe you don’t adventure enough because you’ve no one to accompany you. But you can do this alone. Whatever your soul craves, you need to satisfy that hunger, and you should not have to ask for permission to do this. If you need to go, go. There are a plethora of “what-if’s” you’ve already achieved in your time on this earth.


You want to find the next best thing because it get’s you high. That thing cannot be smoked or drank. This kind of high is the best high, and pure ecstasy for those who are always craving more, who are never satisfied with the first hit. It was wonderful, but what’s next? Where will the next high take you? You can’t settle for that one rush of adrenaline when you know there is more, and you long to discover it.

You are never satisfied, and people tell you it’s because you need to grow up, because you’re selfish. You’re not though. You are simply born with a great mind and a sense of adventure, hold on to that. Not everyone sees what you see, they do not feel what you feel. As hard as it is to harbor your own visions and feelings, do not let them go. Don’t trade your visions and lust of wander for a life of blanketed contentment. Your biggest regret will come to you in the form of the life never lived, the songs never danced to, and the sunsets never watched.

Do not be held down by the beliefs engraved in you by your peers, they can’t see what you see. You’re never satisfied because you are capable of loving in multitudes. You love multiple places, people, wardrobes, foods. One way of life is not enough for you, so create the ones you have yet to experience. You are brilliant.


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