What is Your “Purpose”?

Ever asked yourself that question? Ever struggled to find the answer? That’s quite normal, to be honest. For so many people, they are 100% sure of their purpose in life. They know it, they love it, they live it, they feel it. It’s set in stone and finite for them. For example, some people are 100% certain that they were meant to be a musician, or a yoga instructor, or a writer, or a teacher. It’s what they feel that they were put on this earth to do, and they do it with all of their heart and soul.

For some of us, however, we find passion and solace in lots of fields, but may not fully commit to just one. I love playing music, writing, reading, doing yoga, and traveling, but I am not fully committed to just one. So for a while I thought I had no particular “purpose” in life. I couldn’t figure out what God-given talent I had that gave me “purpose”. Then it dawned on me the other day, purpose doesn’t always come in the form of a talent or skill.

Everyone in this world has a purpose. And yes, for some it is a talent or passion. However, people with the most purpose in life often are completely unaware of how valuable they actually are.

You see, those who feel like they have no one specific talents or hobbies are often the first to get down on themselves when they see others who have undoubtedly already figured out their path in life. But that does not mean that they lack purpose at all. Sometimes your purpose is to give other people a purpose, did you ever consider that?

Have you ever sat up until 4 o’clock in the morning, drinking cheap wine and consoling a friend in need? Have you ever rocked a sick child to sleep? Have you ever driven 3 hours to spend time with your mom? Ever gone on a road trip with a friend who needed some time off? Ever cooked a romantic dinner for your significant other “just because”? All of these things fulfill others, make other feel whole and complete. When you do something good for another, you are giving yourself purpose, whether you realize it or not. And you are giving them a purpose. Kindness goes a long way, so does love and compassion.

Your purpose may be to care for others, or to share your beautiful soul and light with the world. You don’t have to be a professional surfer or the President of the United States to be important, to have purpose. Something as simple as paying for a strangers coffee or doing something spontaneous with a person you love holds just as much value as the person whose purpose in life is to be a professional athlete.

We cannot compare our journeys to our neighbors. That’s like comparing apples to bananas. We are all brought up under different circumstances, advantages, disadvantages, and as a result, we live our lives differently. But everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, on this earth has a purpose. Maybe you haven’t found yours, but maybe you’re not looking. Maybe you’re 43 and your kids have moved out of the house and now you’re bored, but you still have a purpose. Perhaps you’re married, with no kids, and no desire for kids, you still have a purpose. Whatever it is, whoever you are, there’s a reason you’re here. Don’t let that reason pass you by.

Just an example, when I was younger, I hated writing. I hated it with a passion because I was forced to do it in school. I made excellent grades on all of my writing assignments, and my mother was hell bent on me being a journalist one day. But Lord, I hated writing. I even hated writing in college. My professors hated my writing too because I cared more about the creative aspect of writing and less about AP style or MLA format. Plus, I still had an emotional attachment to the Oxford comma and they made me get rid of it (*sigh*). But once the pressure was off, the grades were submitted, and I had that degree in my hand, I considered writing this blog, just for fun. Little did I know what doors it would open for me. I was literally floored by how much feedback this little blog has gotten me. It’s so inspiring to know that there are people out there who actually think my writing means something, therefor, I accepted that writing is my niche. It’s something I feel like I know about, and I can reach lots of people with an uplifting message at once. But I certainly almost let it pass me by.

I guess you could say that our passions and our purpose don’t always cross paths, but you have to be open to the opportunity to make a positive impact where you see it. Making an impact will, in turn, give you purpose. You catch my drift?

Mull it over.


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