Standing Out in the Western Fashion World

I admit, I have been so absent from my fashion blog because I have been posting so much lately in my lifestyle blog that I have been neglectful. However, this is my promise to you that the fashion blog is going to be back in full force, because for those of you that haven’t already heard, I have opened my own online store! That’s right, Buck Wild Bohemian has opened her closet to the public and is selling the best of the southwest jewelry and other accessories.

I have always had a knack for marketing, so I haven’t used an extensive amount of money trying to advertise quite yet, I am truly curious to see how this business grows organically. I am so excited about it and have loved every minute of packing up and shipping out orders.

I have included some pictures in this blog to give you all an idea of the products I sell. Most of my shop consists of vintage Native American jewelry. I did, however, get to take a trip to Arizona to shop for some newbies!

I have always loved turquoise, so when I decided that I finally had enough capital to open up my own shop, I went for it and never looked back. Thus, the birth of Buck Wild Bohemian’s Closet! I never wanted to blend in with the western scene much, and I’m not particularly “clique-y” so I have taken my own approach to fashion and finally letting my own, unique fashion flag fly. It does suck to try and stand out sometimes because at first people look at you like you’re being “extra” or like you’re out of your element, then they go and copy you.IMG_1656 Which is fine, I have no problem letting people know what my style is and where I get my clothes. However, I DO want to stand out, so I get my clothes from buy, sell, trade places, antique shops, or thrift stores. It is what it is, I don’t want to “fit in”! I want to go my own way, blaze my own path, and take my store with me.

There are a TON of turquoise traders in the western fashion industry and I admire every single one of them for being amazing at running their businesses and remaining unique. That’s why I try to maintain a respectful amount of distance away from what they do and how they do it, versus what I do and how I do it. I am even happy to promote their stores alongside my own!

Treat others how you want to be treated. Do your best to stand out. And be nice, dammit.

In the wake of women rising above and breaking the mold, it is important to understand that we are all trying to make a living. It is important to help each other, and not “clique” up. I won’t lie, I’ve never been much for girl groups or things of the sort. I always hung out with dudes and kind of acted like one, but now that I am grown, a business owner, and a married woman, I am beginning to realize how important it is to maintain powerful and professional relationships with the strong women around us.


A few fashion icons that I admire can be found on Instagram, and I’d encourage you to check them all out. They each have something unique to offer and they are all extremely light-hearted and funny gals:

1.) Kenyon Lomax of Prairie Sky Jewelry @prairieskyjewelryco

2.) Whitney Benton of Western Couture @westerncouture

3.) Kaci Jo Bute @kjobute (photography and promotions)

4.) @classicrockcouture

5.) @unbrandedhippie

6.) @collegiatecattlewoman

7.) @theprettypistolboutique

8.) Zella Day @zelladay (music)

I highly suggest giving the following gals a little love and showing your support. And please check out my own site as well! You can find all things turquoise and funk in my shop by clicking right HERE.

If you have a store or a small business that needs support, please reach out to me! I am always happy to support and swap advice with my fellow sisters in commerce.


Buck W.

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