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I’ll Be There With Bells On

I have always been a fan of bell bottoms. Ever since I was in elementary school, bells were my pant of choice. I was actually depressed when we traded the bell trend for the unflattering skinny jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love my skinny’s with a sassy pair of high boots, but bells are my jam.

Now that bell bottoms have made such a strong comeback, it is inevitable that they are ridiculously priced. So I was pleased to find these high-waist, genuine, 70’s flared jeans for a portion of the price as anywhere else. I mentioned this before, but I won’t typically shop at places like Forever 21 or Free People unless I need a cute top or a quick fix. I like to support smaller businesses and I love thrifting. 21910894_149827615620909_2851704937031663616_n

Last night when I tried on my new gems, I was beyond happy about them, and so I threw them on with my baseball tee that I had on for bed. I was actually kind of shocked at how adorable the whole look turned out. I love dressing up without making it seem like I spent too much time mulling over what I would wear.

Casual is key. I have actually noticed a lot of casual looks on the runway lately, too. So many bigger brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci are making bold statements with their clothing and it’s impacting the fashion world in a huge way. Granted, said brands are more popular and known for their eccentricities, but the general concept is relevant.

My advice for achieving a high-fashion look on a low-cost budget is support your local boutiques and thrift stores. Don’t be afraid to buy something you wouldn’t normally wear, and make it yours. Make it unique!


Buck W.

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