If you follow the western fashion industry at all, chances are you’ve seen our favorite blonde, native Californian bombshell, Geena. If you have yet to hear Geena’s inspiring story of change, transition, survival, and adventure, you can learn about her story in her blog. geena

Geena was born and raised on the west coast as a California girl. Throughout her life, she has been a hard worker and a busy body. In 2013, she moved halfway across the country to pursue a job in Arkansas. Although her family was sure she would be back in no time, they were surprised to find that their little girl had fallen in love with the rural life. Now, having been independently storming middle America on her own for four years, Geena has hit the ground running as one of western fashion’s finest sweethearts. In little to no time at all, Geena became an inspiration to so many in western fashion and is still taking on projects all over the Midwest. She is currently involved in several endeavors that have made for an impressive resume. She has worked with countless boutiques and is only on the edge of the horizon.

Boutiques including Warbonnet Hat Works, Western and Co., Old Gringo Boots, The Coyote Cowgirl, Mud Lowery, Double D Ranch Wear, and many more have all had the pleasure of working with Geena and her bubbly spirit. But don’t be fooled; there is far more to this California cowgirl than freshly painted nails and fabulous taste in fashion. Geena is a full-blown farm gal. Upon her move to Arkansas, she had acquired a flare for the farm life. Thus, she now owns a plethora of chickens and cows, all while maintaining her own vegetable garden.geena2

Geena has made a name for herself in western fashion and she is only getting started. Big things are in store for our favorite Cali gal. Her story is aw-inspiring and her contagious laughter only adds to her spunky character. If you want to know more about Geena, go visit her on Instagram @fit_on_the_farm or check out her blog at

Don’t go anywhere! Whitney’s story is coming right up and you don’t want to miss it!



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