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Kaci Jo is a jack of all trades, for lack of a more professional term. Attending school at Oklahoma State University and growing up within the equine industry, Kaci has always had a flare for all things western. Somewhere along the way, between helping her father with the horses and attending  class, Kaci developed a love for photography.kjo

As she started out, she offered fellow students mini-shoots for senior pictures at an affordable price and did odd jobs here and there, taking her camera along for the ride almost everywhere she went. Eventually, her skills as a photographer became more and more popular, and pretty soon she was booked up with family sessions, weddings, and fashion photography.

You would think that running all over the Midwest for photography sessions would be enough to wear anyone out, but not this tenacious gal. Photography is Kaci’s field of expertise, but it’s hardly enough to hold her down. Along with her photo shoots, Kaci has also become an ambassador to many endeavors such as “RFD-TV’s The American” ambassador and owner of “The Rodeo Circuit“: an intuitive online rodeo calendar for all participants who are consistently looking for their next destination. In the mean time, Kaci is an employee of The Mercantile in Pawhuska, OK. That’s right, she works for the Pioneer Woman herself, and was recently given the opportunity to use her photography skills for the online store!IMG_4093

In December of 2017, Kaci will venture off to Sin City to represent Panhandle Western Wear and Rock and Roll Denim! So if you’re out and about at Cowboy Christmas, don’t forget to stop by their booth.

If you would like to know more about Kaci Jo, you can find her on Instagram as @kjobute or follow her photography page on Facebook:

Continue meeting the rest of the tribe! Meet Geena next!

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