Whitney Benton can only bee describe as Western Fashion’s sweetheart. Growing up in the rolling hills of Eastern Colorado in a small town, Whitney has always been a dweller of the rural life and lover of the west.IMG_5475

For Whitney, love came early. She met her high school sweetheart when she was 16 and after they graduated, they got married. Today they have two littles boys and a beautiful life in Colorado. Whitney has been a fashion icon in the west ever since she blogged for Bleacher Babe in 2016. Since then, Whitney has started her own adventure with Western Couture. Her success as a blogger, photographer, and major fashion influencer has continuously grown since her debut in 2016.


What with so many things to juggle at once, you might be asking yourself “How”? How does one young woman have the time and the energy to pursue such a lifestyle while being a mom, wife, rancher, and farmer? Her answer was simple. Support.

Whitney credits all of her success to her loving husband, friends, and family. Any time there is an opportunity that is worth pursuing, her husband is the first to lend his support and push her to do the things necessary to continue to succeed. Whitney is also thankful for her own mother and mother-in-law for being so helpful when it comes to her boys. Whitney has taken on the western fashion world in full and is constantly seeking her next endeavor.

Brands such at War Bonnet Hat Works, Bootrugs, Buckin Wild Designs and Boutique, Buckaroo Boutique AUS, Cowgirl Magazine, Shop Country Road 11, and others have had the pleasure of working with Whitney. She represents such a strong presence in such a small industry that her tenacity shines.

While she is an active mom, wife, and rancher, Whitney is an inspiration to us all. She is living proof that you can have it all if you are willing to work hard enough for it. It is possible to juggle family and work life, simultaneously, and have a blast while doing it!

Coming up next, you get to meet me! Hang tight!


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