Yep, that’s me! Anyone who keeps up with my blog already knows plenty about me, but allow me to shed some light onto my participation in this venture out to Colorado for the Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. photo shoot.CO

A few months ago, Kenyon asked me if I would tag along so that we could document our trip and show off Kaci’s flashy photography. Of course I said yes! Writing is my passion, and I was flattered by her request for me, of all people. I had also recently started my own small, online shop, so my introduction to this western fashion lifestyle was, and is, relatively young. Although I would not quite consider myself as having a prominent stance in the western fashion industry, I certainly have always had an appreciation for the girls who do. Moreover, I have loved Kenyon’s work since Kaci introduced me to her. After all, any lover of turquoise is a friend of mine!

I got to meet some of the most bad ass gals in the west, and for that, I am so thankful. Hoping into a car and driving 14 hours away just to blog about a trip was not something I would have even considered years ago. But the more time I spent around these tenacious girls, the more I appreciated how passionate each of them were about their individual endeavors.co2

Getting to write about Kenyon’s work, Kaci’s photography, Geena’s life on the road, and Whitney’s adventures has been a humbling experience, to say the least. I was blown away by how sweet, and nice everyone was. We laughed, drank mimosas, played dress up, goofed off (a lot), and got right down to business. It was an absolute blast. How can anyone “work” when your job is that fun? The worst part of the trip was having to come home to the heat of Texas after spending two days in the blissful winter of the Rocky Mountains.

I am more motivated than ever to continue pursuing my own dreams and adventures, thanks to this group of women. They’ve taught me that you can kick ass at what you do while supporting those around you to do the same.

Kenyon Lomax said it best when she wrote “Alphas do run in packs”.

Speaking of Kenyon, don’t go anywhere because you get to meet her next!

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