Last, but most certainly far from least, is the owner of Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. herself, Kenyon Lomax. If you have never read Keyon’s full story, you can read it in a previous article I wrote here. For now, let’s get a run-down of Kenyon and her work!

Living on the road with her loving husband, Luke, Kenyon is perhaps one of the only silver smiths that operate their shop from a 39-foot camper. For Kenyon, home is where you park it due to her husbands demanding schedule as a traveling welder. Most people couldn’t fathom a life on the road while also trying to maintain a small business, but Kenyon and her husband have not only built a successful life together from their mobile quarters, Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. thrives. kl

Never knowing where their next destination may take them, Kenyon strategically orders her supplies so that she will be able to assume the correct shipping address, after all, it does change quite often! Luke does his job of welding during the day, but when it comes to new designs and ideas for building unique, heirloom pieces to add to the shop, he is right next to Kenyon on the design board. You could call these two a power couple. With their life on the road, three fur babies, and a 6-foot bench in their kitchen, there isn’t much these two can’t accomplish together.

Before this particular Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. photo shoot, Kenyon put in late hours for weeks on end to have a diverse selection of materials to choose from. From bolo ties, to stacker cuffs, to earrings, to hair pieces, all the bases were covered. If anything, we needed more models!

At one point, we did a jewelry dump. We laid every piece out on the table and just scrambled for whatever would fit on our hands and fingers. The table was a mess, to say the least. Turquoise,silver, chains, and leather scattered all over the place like a turquoise mine sneeze. I consider it heaven, but it may have bothered some peoples’ OCD.

Any who, Kenyon did a phenomenal job of preparing for this shoot. The time spent at the bench, diligently crafting each individual piece that was feature in the shoot, is commendable in and of itself.patches

There is something to be said about a woman who works with her hands. In today’s world, so many are pressured into becoming subjects of a corporation or lawyers, doctors, and secretaries. There’s not a thing wrong with said occupations, but whatever happened to the tradesman? The crafters? The builders? The entrepreneurs? They’ve become lost in transition in a world that worships the Almighty Dollar over the value of creating something from raw materials.

For Kenyon, her success is inevitable. Her work been published in the Cowboys and Indians magazine fall shoot, their Christmas gift guide, as well as Cowgirl magazine gift guide! Things are only going up from here. Kenyon and Prairie Sky are gaining exposure at an impressive rate these days. These unique, heirloom pieces were carefully curated to represent her life under the big, open Prairie Sky. Every purchase made from Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. is a piece of someone’s hard work and creativity. Shop now and take a little piece of the prairie with you, everywhere you go!

We’ve got one more blog for you all, and that is the whole shebang. From getting stuck in snow drifts, to rummaging through outfits, to rolling up to brunch decked out in fur coats, we are professionals first, but a circus act, second. So stay tuned to get the full scoop!

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