Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. Through the Camera Lens

On October 2, 2017, five of the Western Fashion industry’s boldest babes set out for Colorado representing four states. From Texas to Missouri to northern Colorado, these five women came together to create a formula for the perfect photo shoot.


Estes Park, Colorado, is home to one of America’s most astonishing national parks. Flourishing with greenery and crawling boulders, the snow fell in abundance just in time to set an aesthetic that would set the Western Fashion standards on fire.


For what purpose would five women travel to such a location? Kenyon Lomax, owner and operator of Prairie Sky Jewelry Co., had her sights set on a photo shoot that would showcase her work in a place so close to her heart. Kenyon eloped with her loving husband, Luke Lomax, in the fall of 2015 to Estes Park, fueling her inspiration to pursue a shoot that would hold as much sentiment as the elopement itself.

Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. is exactly that — heirloom silver crafted under the prairie sky. These unique pieces are careful designed and built by hand. With the assistance and ceaseless support of her husband, Kenyon was able to supply a plethora of new pieces, specifically for this shoot, including heaps of stacker cuffs, rings, hairpieces, earrings, and more.


Geena and Whitney originally had the idea of doing a destination photo shoot that would capture a timeless style while showcasing all things Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. When Kenyon was presented with the idea, Estes Park was immediately concluded. Upon arrival, we explored the map and set out to find the perfect places to capture the visions we had all expressed in anticipation for the trip. After driving around for hours, and gawking at the beauty that Estes Park had to offer, (getting stuck in a snow drift and gracefully pushing the vehicle back on to the blacktop while wearing booties), it was decided that this shoot would take our small industry by storm. This photo shoot was our opportunity to shed the well-deserved exposure, not only on, Prairie Sky Jewelry Co., but also on Western Fashion in its entirety and it’s loyal brands and businesses.


Once all five bodacious, tenacious gals were together under our cozy cabin roof, outfits were put together, jewelry was matched, and ideas were scattered across the table like cards after a messy game of poker. Inspiration for the shoot came together extremely organically when all five girls put their styles together, channeling a timeless combination of prairie style and fierce frontier chic. Thanks to the expertise of Geena and Whitney, styling the shoot was no issue. Brands such as Double D, Old Gringo Boots, Pendleton, Stetson, and many more adorned the models, bringing out the brilliance in the jewelry itself.


The first location of the shoot was on a wide-open prairie that was accommodated by, what is known as, the Alluvial Fan, all blanketed with a generous amount of fresh snow. The scenery was so immaculate it almost looked unreal. But it was, very real. Geena and Whitney, dressed in black and draped with fur, stood boldly in the cold, sporting mass amounts of Kenyon’s jewels. Getting the perfect shot in this particular location, paired with this particular look, took no time at all. On to the next enchanted destination we went.

The second location was a charming little nook referred to as the Fall River Loop; a round about that allowed tourists to stop and explore the riverside scenery.

Wrapped in a colorful Pendleton blanket, Geena portrayed a frontier femme while showing off a fistful of brilliant Prairie Sky rings and massive white buffalo bolo tie, as displayed in the October 2017 Fall Fashion issue of Cowboys and Indians Magazine (Page 91).


Whitney elegantly displayed her Prairie Sky hat pins on a black felt and a generous stack of the ever-popular stacker cuffs. The statement piece of this shoot came in the form of a massive cluster ring that is complete with nine flawless mixed mine turquoise stones, including the highest of quality of Turquoise Mountain, Morenci, Blue Gem, and Pilot Mountain turquoise stones.

I was happy to rock a mountain chic look while wearing a most unique pendant made up of a Buffalo Head Nickel and beautiful mixed mine turquoise and an arm and handful of stackers and rings.

Among the white snow, the serape and Aztec wool made for a textbook contrast that brought out the magnificence of each individual piece worn.

The first and second shoots provided us with so much snow that we even had to get out and push at one point, gussied up and all. But once we got ourselves out of the snowdrift, which we blatantly pulled off into for photo op purposes, we decided to break for brunch.


Lucky for us, we were able to get the best of all the weather during our photo shoot venture. Apparently, during brunch the snow had melted in all the right places, including right along Lilly Lake. Contrary to our earlier endeavors, this scene provided us with a more suttle, prairie vibe. We went from furs to fringe and channeled the prairie chic look that first inspired Kenyon’s designs. With less contrast and more pastel colors, the jewelry was the brightest subject of each shot. There was certainly a staple piece provided in these pictures, and a new addition to the Prairie Sky inventory. Kenyon made five ear cuffs to be worn in these shoots which were all made from mixed mine turquoise, and accented the prairie shoot flawlessly, giving it that cherry-on-top heirloom touch. These cuffs scream statement piece and were so fun to work with. These cuffs will be something to look for in the Prairie Sky shop soon, especially if you’re looking for a way to completely revolutionize your messy bun look!


This particular shoot was one of Kenyon’s favorite for the prairie lifestyle aesthetic it provided.

“I’m probably America’s prairie’s number one advocate,” Kenyon said. “The prairie is my heart and soul. It is the most under appreciated landscape; I think it’s aw inspiring. It’s magnificent to stand in the middle of the prairie and realize how small you are. You can’t look up at the sky in the prairie and think ‘this was all a cosmic accident’.”

Kenyon’s love for the prairie stems from her lifestyle on the road with her husband, who works as a traveling, structural welder. They’ve spent their marriage on the road in their 36-foot Springdale, bumper pull camper. Their locations always take them to places that reside under the vast prairie sky, which is where she acquired the name Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. She relates the prairie to the divine in the sense that it is so unpredictable and so magnificent that one can hardly stand amongst the immensity and not believe in a higher power.

After we braved the cold for the second shoot, we went back up the scenic route to find a place in the pines for a moody shoot. There, we brought out more fur and dedicated this shoot to showing off the new cowhide earrings Kenyon had made. Be on the lookout for shop updates to snag a pair of your own! The scenery was nothing shy of perfect. The low hanging clouds and overcast sky made for a morose ambiance. After snagging the last few shots of the day, we wrapped it up, put a bow on it, and took it back to the cabin.


It was bittersweet as we all thawed out in our cozy little cabin, exchanging ooh’s and ahh’s of our experiences. Of course, no one could decide which shoot trumped the other. Everything was just as we had hoped for. The snow, the overcast, the sunshine on the mountains, it all fell into our lap and organically allowed us to partake in something that would completely modify the way people view western fashion. More importantly, there is something the be said about a group of girls who can come together, as professionals and as friends, in order to collectively create something great. Thank you, Kenyon, for putting in so much time and dedication into making this vision come alive. Thank you for providing so much amazing material, so much inimitability, to this industry. Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. is not just jewelry, it’s not just a shop, and it’s not just a girl at a bench who knows how to use cool tools. Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. is someone’s livelihood and way of life, soldered and embedded into heirloom pieces for other’s, so that everyone can take a piece of prairie with them where ever they go.


If you like what you see here, please visit to snag your favorite pieces just in time for the holidays. If you want to be the first to know about shop updates, be sure to sign up for the Prairie Sky newsletter, and follow Kenyon on social media:

Instagram: @prairieskyjewelryco



Pieces from this shoot, and more, will soon be listed in her online shop, so be the first to get your favorites, they won’t last long!

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