Christianity vs. The World

We live in a time of Godlessness. There are a handful of people who still believe, who still have faith. There are even fewer people who are willing to outwardly express that faith. Why though? Our God wants us to be joyful about His love for us. He wants us to spread His word. So why are there SO many Christians that are completely silent about religious matters nowadays?

The answer is simple (and bare with me on this because I promise I will be digging a lot deeper than what you see on the surface): Christians are criticized and ridiculed for their beliefs, and are pegged as being stupid and uneducated. They are made to feel as though they are believing in a fairy tale, and belittled for their practices. Yet, it’s quite the opposite. Some of the smartest people in the world are and were Christians. Many a scientist, past and present, that helped shape many of the laws of science that we recognize today were and are Christians (*collective gasp*).

Now, don’t get me wrong, this topic can stretch in a WIDE range of directions, but for the most part, your average Christian goes to church on Sunday and still sins on a regular basis. Why? Because Christians aren’t perfect, nor are they capable of being perfect, so when we hear, “Oh, you call yourself a Christian but you wear a bikini and drink beer, pffffttttt”, we just rolled our eyes. Believe it or not, just because someone believes in God doesn’t mean they dress like nuns and live in a church. There, that’s a thing you know now. Myth: busted.


Then there are nut cases (as there are with any group or organized religion), that give genuine Christians a terrible name. Westboro Baptist Church is one of them. Need I say more? westboro-1They say and do things that give the rest of us a bad rap and make the Christian faith look like a radical bunch of holier-than-thou morons. In all actuality, they just offer more room for misconception about religion than any other group with their radical behavior and insensitive protests. I don’t agree with them, but I know they aren’t going anywhere, so I ignore them and do things like write blogs to assure people that the picture above is NOT an accurate representation of modern Christianity.

So why is the world so angry at Christians? How does the Christian faith threaten the beliefs of another, and moreover, why are people turning to atheism every day, and at a rapid rate? I personally think it is because of fear of being ridiculed, and also, we live in a time that does not require anyone to have faith. We have “access” to whatever proof we want, about anything we want to know via Google (because, ya know, Google is the end-all-be-all of accurate information, duh!) and we live on instant gratification rather than a willingness to learn and explore, because that takes time, and Heaven forbid we contradict our own beliefs. And for that matter, you can literally Google “Proof that God does not exist” and hundreds of articles will appear, with the click of a button. In the next breath, you can Google “Proof that God does exist”, and hundreds more will appear, swearing that God does, indeed, exist. So let’s not get too carried away with thinking that Google University is even remotely close to being an accurate avenue for such a topic as religion.

There have been a ton of excellent studies conducted over the Bible and it’s stories. There are myths that there are holes in the Bible, or that some prophets were not accurately included. Some of this may be true, but can I be real with you? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A BOOK THAT WAS WRITTEN IN 6TH CENTURY B.C. And I know that this is going to be difficult for some to grasp, but -*deep breath*- in 6th Century B.C., they wrote that by hand due to a lack of Google and technological means and stuff. For hundreds and hundreds of years, every piece of documented information was handwritten, including copies of the Bible. Only a fraction of that time has a consistent assembly method been an option. So I would assume that a mistake or two is somewhat of a possibility. The thing is that no one that is living now knows what happened back then. All we have to go by are things that have been “discovered” since then and now, and made into “truth”. Or for some of us, we just have faith.

All I know is that I am not losing anything by being a believer, so why does it bother so many so badly whether I believe in God or not? What’s more, how can anyone be so angry about a God that “doesn’t exist” in the first place? I don’t get angry at atheists for not believing. Jesus didn’t either. Do I live my life, every single day like Jesus did? No. Not even close. Do I try to be a better version of myself than I was the day before? Always. I want to be a good person because it is the right thing to do, and a lot of the time I fall short of that goal, but I keep trying.

I cuss, I drink, I have smoked, I have done things that are “forbidden” in the Bible, but I am aware of all of my shortcomings, because I am a sinner. We are not exempt from sin, because if we don’t find it, it will find us. So why are only Christians chastised for our sin? Are we no more human than our atheist brothers and sisters? Is it because we believe in something greater than anything this world has to offer? Is it because we believe in an afterlife that no one can “prove” exists? I mean, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a LOT of things exists that we know of and acknowledge, yet cannot see or prove (Great read: https://www.logicallyfaithful.com/10-things-science-cannot-do/). Most of our country depends on science and the government, so therefore, many who claim that God does not exists still have faith in a faulty system because there are holes in science and government, too. Just saying. If you don’t believe in God, you still believe in something because you have no means of verifying your own beliefs. You trust the system, Christians trust in God. If our paths do not cross in any religious way, why is there such a barrier between us? Why is there so much disrespect and hate?

Again, I can’t speak for the nutcases that say “God hates gays”, or “God hates non-believers”, because I know that is simply not true. It makes me sad to see such things being said, to be quite honest. And for the record, no, Christians don’t hate gays. I can’t speak for everyone, but the majority of Christians I have ever met could care less about what anyone’s sexual preference is. Know why? We aren’t to judge, nor condemn them. Maybe there is a conflict in lifestyle choices, but so what? Move on and stop telling people we, as a collective whole, hate gays. We don’t.

However, we can now argue over our differences without ever having to confront anyone in a personal setting. We can attack one another for their beliefs, and we spew hatred that we would, otherwise, never spew in person.

It seems as though the freedom of speech only tags along with a certain narrative. Once you have an idea that goes against the grain, this is usually the result. In real life, I would hope no one would ever react to anyone this way for any reason. If no harm is done, what is the point in being hateful? To be fair, being a non-believer was considered “going against the grain” only 20 years ago or so. People have rebelled and turned to man made mathematical statistics and measurement systems as a concrete source of trust. Math is great and all, but it is a man made system. Science is cool, but if you believe in science then you would have to believe that the dimension in which we currently reside is where time, space, and matter are relevant, and that our laws of physics only apply to our small little bubble in our small little dimension. Outside of our dimension (which 13 have been discovered), our man made laws and systems by which we measure matter and other properties are null and void. Science. It’s worth a Google.

(Religion aside, if you are interested in science and discovery, perhaps you really would benefit from some of the Biblical text and how they translate into today’s world. And I do not mean that in a condescending way to push my beliefs on you. There are truly some interesting concepts in the Bible.)

And last but not least, my favorite argument of all, and quite possibly the hardest to explain to someone who cares not to listen: “Well, by golly, if your “GAAAWWWDDD” created all these great things why didn’t he save my dying aunt? How come we have disease? Why does hate exists? How come Trump was elected? Where was he during slavery? Why didn’t he save the Jews? GAWWWWWWD wouldn’t have let those things happen. No way.”

They existed, and those things did happen. No one is denying that. But they were definitely set in motion by man. God never once told Hitler to shove as many people as he could into a gas chamber, nor did he ever tell white men to enslave black people; evil did that, and evil exists as much as free will. If you read the book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible, it will perfectly explain why evil exists, and it will shed light on my statement above. Moreover, for every trial, there are miracles that science also cannot explain. Either way, I personally, believe that even the bad things are all part of a larger picture, or “plan”, that we can’t fathom with our feeble little minds. It reminds me of a quote I once heard, “Without suffering, there would be no compassion”. Without the things that happened in the past, there would be no marches for equality, people willing to fight so hard for justice, or laws that forbid things like that from ever happening again.

We see the disease, mass killings, and other injustices as terrible and awful. They break our hearts and leave us scared and feeling helpless. But in the Bible, God SPECIFICALLY says not to worry about such things. Health, for one, is not important to God, and we do not think like Him, nor were we meant to. We were meant to TRUST in Him, and that is harder for some more so than others, which is unfortunate. He promises us something greater if we just trust Him, and that is what many choose to do, which does not hurt anyone.

So, where are the people who march for equality in matters of religion? How come when people march for abortion, it is plastered all over the news and seen as brave, but when people march for life they are seen as a cult? (Just to reiterate that part, I didn’t march for either, and never will.) Whatever happened to “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion” or “rights to protest”? What happened to “world peace”? Do those things only matter if and when people all start following the same narrative and belief system? Because that will never happen, and there is no reason it should. I would hope that we never reach a point in time where we all think so much alike that one does not have the opportunity to learn and grow from the thoughts and ideals of another.

I am no scientist, and in no way do I claim that anything in this blog makes me “right” or “correct”. I am simply voicing what I do know, what I have learned through truth-seeking, and how I think it applies. Every Christian has experienced doubt. Don’t think we have never asked questions that go against our faith. It is only natural to do so, but the more I have sought to learn, the more I believe that God is real. I can’t bring myself to trust numbers that were made up by man on earth, for we are but a small, fraction of an atom within a grain of sand in the vast infinity that is our Universe.

This blog took me longer to write than any blog I have ever written, because it is more controversial than anything I normally write, but I felt compelled to do it. I just want people to understand, whether they are Christian, atheist, agnostic, indifferent, or worship unicorns, that I don’t think of non-believers as lesser than me for believing something else. I just wanted to the chance to share what I believe, because I feel that it is great. And by nature, when something great occurs, you want to tell the world.





3 thoughts on “Christianity vs. The World”

  1. Let’s take a look from an atheist perspective (or any other religion). There was a time where being “atheist” was considered blasphemy. People of other religions and “sects” have been known to get prosecuted as well. Heck, let’s not forget about the Inquisition. Going back in time, Christians were persecuted by followers of Judea. I’m sure the Jews were persecuted at one time or another. We can even say that Christian, Jews and Muslims all at one time probably had many conflicts. Religion seems to teach that they can prosecute (or proselytize) others who believe differently. Go back prior to the 1900’s and to come out as an atheist could result in death!… but in today’s present time, people are feeling more comfortable about coming out and rejecting belief in God.

    I’m willing to bet there were more “atheists” and “agnostics” in earlier civilizations that just didn’t admit to it for the above reasons.

    Yes, whether we are Religious or Non-religious, we all are capable of being a “good” or “bad” person. Gandhi is quoted as saying “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”, You pointed out something similar but this can apply to anyone (Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, Jew..etc)

    I feel like I’m all over the board in my response but I will say this, I have wonderful conversations with people each day of differing beliefs and worldviews. When someone listens, great. Unfortunately there are a ton of people out there that like to tell ME what an atheist is. I sit there, listen and say “I’m an atheist but that doesn’t sound like anything I would do”, lol. I think the best solution to many of the differences people have with each other is to listen and understand.

    While you may believe in God, I just don’t have the evidence I need to agree with your belief. There are other things I notice too. I have a great many Catholic friends (I grew up Catholic and went to church). There is a great divide even in the catholic church and guess what, it goes along the lines of being “Conservative” and “Liberal”. The conservative Catholics tend to be more adamant about what they believe and how others should believe. The liberal Catholics tend to understand that people are “faulty” (for lack of a better word) and should embrace everyone. Depending on your where you stand on the political divide, it really factors in how you view your religion. So depending on where you are, the person on the opposite end of that spectrum, you may consider a jerk 🙂

    Me, I don’t like being told that I must be saved, or I am missing out on something. Why? Because I like world religions and while I do not follow any one. I can take components of any of them and be my own person. As a Catholic, I read the bible. As an atheist, I read the “Jefferson Bible”, Which actually has some commonly known moral statements. I’ve read the Dharma, I’ve learned from it all.

    Anyway, I think Atheists tend to push back on Christians (and any other religion) because religious people try to push their beliefs on other people. As I mentioned above, there was a time it was “dangerous” to be an atheist. Now the atheists are speaking out. (Just like the Christians spoke out against the Jewish persecution against them).

    People need to accept there are people of all walks of life and they are free to believe or not believe what they want. And I have to be honest, I’ve said that to Christians before and they would say “I understand there are people of other beliefs, I just don’t accept it”… What?!?!

    Sorry, I was all over the board on my response.


    1. Hi David, interesting perspective! And while you may be right that there were many agnostics and atheists in the pre-1900’s era (along with many other walks of life that were, back then, seen as blasphemous) the point I am reaching is that Jesus and his followers were actually executed by the masses. Non-believers. It still happens today, too. There are religions that call for the prosecution of naysayers, but God doesn’t tell us to kill our brothers and sisters. I don’t tell atheists what atheism is, I just write from experience, and this is my experience with growing up Christian and having to maintain that faith in today’s world, a world where Christianity is rejected at a rapid rate, which does not change how I feel because much like you said, there is no evidence for you to believe in the same things I do, there is also no evidence in the opposite direction for me to make me become a non-believer. There is science, but it is not universal, it is man-made, therefore, I do not trust it. But that is MY perspective, not everyone’s.

      I also love science, by the way. I know it sounds crazy, but I am a total space and astronomy geek. That’s another blog on another day. I am also very politically involved and passionate about politics, however, I do not blend them with religion. I feel that the correlation line is blurred and I don’t care to mix the two.

      I don’t want to “force” my thoughts on anyone. I do, however, appreciate meaningful discussions that challenge people, and I also do not mind being challenged. I am not perfect and there are flaws in my theories, but I am also young and have much to learn.

      You being an atheist and reading this the whole way through (I am assuming you read the whole way through, and if you did, pat yourself on the back because this was a long blog) it means something to me to have sparked your interest enough for you to give me your input.

      And as far as people saying they don’t accept the beliefs of another…well, I mean, they don’t actually have to. It’s not the way you or I would have it, but if they don’t accept it what can be done? If they don’t change their minds on how they view diversity then what? Shove our “tolerance and acceptance” onto them? No, we move on with our lives and continue meaningful discussions because that’s how we educate and grow.

      I appreciate your readership, David. Thank you for the comment!




  2. I totally love this! Very well written with several good points that should get people thinking and maybe discussing. Isn’t that what a good writer wants? If you have moved 1 or a dozen or more to explore the truths that we Christians believe, Hallelujah!!! Keep writing!

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