Challenging the Norm, a Star was BORNS

The music scene in Dallas received a breath of fresh air on the evening of February 1, in the form of eccentric musician and pop-culture sensation, BORNS.

Borns 5.JPG

Having come from Grand Haven, Michigan, Garrett Borns grew up with a love for all things art. His performing days began young when he taught himself magic to perform at restaurants and similar venues. Given his charm and fearlessness, it was inevitable that this young magician had a surefire future in the performing arts. Moreover, Borns was a scholar. He received a scholarship to, and attended, Kendall College of Art and Design. But in 2011, his debut on TED Talks provided a much-deserved spotlight, with his ukulele and vocals being his only instruments. By the time he was out of high school, Borns was fully submerged in the world of music, thus, he moved to L.A. in 2012 to pursue his endeavors.

Since then, he has produced an E.P., “Candy”(2014), and two albums including “Dopamine” (2015), and “Blue Madonna” (2017) through the ever-popular Interscope records. After working closely with Tommy English on the Candy and the Dopamine album, his music took to listeners as the desert takes to a heavy rain. Eager ears absorbed every word, chord, and harmony written by the artist. Listeners became fans, and fans became infatuated. The melodic falsetto that makes up the voice of Garrett Borns has put a refreshing spin on the west-world music scene, and could quite possibly revolutionized pop-culture as we know it.

Borns 43

Borns’ success wasn’t limited to L.A., as is the case for so many artists who risk it all to pursue their passions in the City of Angels. Rather than remaining stagnant after producing two praise-worthy bodies of work, Borns’ music grew roots and spread like wildfire across the Midwest, and eventually, fans all across the world would be begging for more. It is no coincidence that his album, “Dopamine”, was the album that thrust him headlong into the limelight. Dopamine is a chemical that is released by the brain when there is a lust or longing for something or someone. Fans couldn’t get enough of the album and artist, leaving them yearning for more from BORNS. Today, he has sold out show after show on his “Blue Madonna” tour in the U.S., and will continue on to his tour over seas shortly thereafter, wrapping it all up in late May 2018.

Borns 23

Dallas, TX, is recognized for its diverse selection of live music, and the House of Blues is famous for harboring many a performance by artists of all kinds. Having sold out the show in no time at all, the line to simply get through the door to see BORNS in concert was halfway around the block by noon on the day of. At 6:30 that evening, the merch booth was deluged with eager fans, dying to get their hands on all things BORNS.

After the performances of Mikky Ekko and Charlotte Cardin had come to a close, the House of Blues was filled with a whimsical roar of fervent fans, chanting and cheering for their long-awaited appearance of BORNS. First came the band, and it is noteworthy that BORNS is made up almost entirely of women who rock, literally. These women include drummer, Kristen Gleeson-Prata, bassist, Hayley Batt, and Emily Moore on the keyboard, rounded out with the lead guitarist, Connor Doyle.

As the air filled with anticipation, approaching the stage, BORNS appeared in silhouette form, sporting a sharply pressed maroon suit and a dimpled smile. The excitement excelled, and the venue was filled with the echo of enamored fans, finally seeing the man behind their speakers, in human form.

What sets Garrett Borns apart from other artists is his incorporation of art in all that he does. There are no other artists comparable to his eccentric style and capricious creativity. It takes a true creator to make music so unique that it could qualify as its own genre, but is seems as though Borns has accomplished such with ease. His lyrics evoke raw emotions, and what is art without evocation of ones ability to feel? Though his career is young, it is far from over. There is no way of knowing what melodic masterpiece Garrett Borns will produce next, but it is already in high demand and restlessly sought after.

If you would like to know more about BORNS, tour dates, and more, please visit https://www.bornsmusic.com/.

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