Travel: The Ultimate Soul Food

I have been so absent from my blog, and for that I am sorry. It isn’t that I have had a lack of material; it is more like a lack of motivation. I have been busy trying to get use to working for myself, and I started treating writing more like a chore rather than… Continue reading Travel: The Ultimate Soul Food


Challenging the Norm, a Star was BORNS

The music scene in Dallas received a breath of fresh air on the evening of February 1, in the form of eccentric musician and pop-culture sensation, BORNS. Having come from Grand Haven, Michigan, Garrett Borns grew up with a love for all things art. His performing days began young when he taught himself magic to… Continue reading Challenging the Norm, a Star was BORNS


The Real Reason I Quit My Job

It's true, after all that time of me preaching about doing what makes you truly happy, I quit my own job. I quit for a number of reasons, and staying true to myself was just one of them. I could go on and on about what a difference that quitting my job has made for… Continue reading The Real Reason I Quit My Job


Christianity vs. The World

We live in a time of Godlessness. There are a handful of people who still believe, who still have faith. There are even fewer people who are willing to outwardly express that faith. Why though? Our God wants us to be joyful about His love for us. He wants us to spread His word. So… Continue reading Christianity vs. The World


Overthinking: Analyzed

You're laying in bed one night, trying to get to sleep because Lord knows you've got an early day tomorrow. Although your body is physically tired, you mind can't seem to slow down. Suddenly, you begin thinking about all of the things that you DIDN'T get done today, and how that work load will carry… Continue reading Overthinking: Analyzed


Why Dating is Nothing Like Marriage

I was sitting around on a cold night with some girlfriends of mine. We were talking, gossiping, and sipping hot tea. It sounds cliche, but it really was a nice little break from my normal weekend routine. There were four of us: two married (myself and my other friend), one in a long term relationship,… Continue reading Why Dating is Nothing Like Marriage


The Art of Saying “No”

If there is one thing that I have learned in my short time as a business owner, it is that the more successful you become, the more people all of the sudden want to "help" you and become part of what you are building. They are the same people who were nowhere to be found… Continue reading The Art of Saying “No”